Peace Voter

Welcome to the New Jersey Peace Action Peace Voter and Legislative Alerts website!

The best way to explain this site’s purpose is to explain what its purpose is not. The Peace Voter and Legislative Alerts website is not here to tell you how to vote. It is not here to promote any political party. It is not here to blame one candidate nor praise another. This website’s purpose is to provide you with the information you need to make an intelligent decision on Election Day, with the clear understanding that Election Day is only one day, leaving 364 days every year for other forms of action to promote peace and to stop and prevent war. As much as possible, this site will present every candidate’s proposals in her or his own words. This site will provide information about the candidates’ records: in legislative voting, in support of or opposition to foreign policy initiatives and military action, including the need for and belief in nuclear disarmament, for moving the money from war to peace and for increased and intense diplomacy instead of military action, and — importantly — their relationship to the organized movement for peace and to organizations like New Jersey Peace Action.

The U.S. Constitution gives to Congress the authority to declare war and to the President the overall command of the Armed Forces. Unfortunately, over the past decades, presidents have appropriated war-making powers as Congress has given them away. Legislative initiatives to take back the power to prevent war and to deny the Executive Branch the funding to pursue war are of great interest and concern to all peace activists and to New Jersey Peace Action. As bills and resolutions which are relevant to peace and foreign policy are introduced in the federal Senate and House of Representatives or in the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly, New Jersey Peace Action will use this site to keep you informed and to notify you if your state or federal representative needs to hear from you in support of or opposition to a particular bill or resolution.

When it comes to electoral politics there is no consensus among peace activists, not only for whom to vote but even on whether to participate in electoral activity at all. All of us have to make up our own minds individually. The New Jersey Peace Action Peace Voter and Legislative Alerts website is here to help each of us do exactly that, for residents of each Congressional District where New Jersey Peace Action is active. We hope you will put this information to use, recognizing that the electoral and legislative arenas are only two of the many fronts where our peace values are put into peace action.