August 9 Saving Lives Task Force

Our Mission: To save the lives of our brothers and sisters the world over

Montclair Hiroshima DayThe August 9 Saving Lives Task Force is named in memory of the people who perished in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9, 1945. The Task Force, which is a partner affiliated with New Jersey Peace Action, works to prevent the future use of nuclear weapons and to save the lives of people who needlessly perish from preventable causes.

There is an urgent need to end the production and testing of nuclear weapons and to totally eliminate existing stockpiles. According to the January 10, 2009, issue of the Wall Street Journal, there are still approximately 14,000 active nuclear weapons, many of which are on hair-trigger alert in the United States, Russia and perhaps other countries. There have been several close calls where human and computer errors nearly led to World War III. And in the news there has been talk of war directed at Iran around the issue of nuclear weapons and concern that issues between India and Pakistan could lead to a nuclear accident. In order to help eliminate these weapons by all nations through peaceful diplomacy and negotiations, The August 9 Saving Lives Task Force, a partnership of faith-based, interfaith and secular organizations, has adopted a pair of goals.

Goals of the August 9 Saving Lives Task Force:

  1. Ever Growing Danger: Make the public more aware of the growing dangers of nuclear weapons, their proliferation and the potential impact on the environment — particularly the worldwide use of depleted uranium — and the urgent need to avoid any more close calls. Promote efforts for multi-lateral steps toward reduction and eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons by every nation with a mutually verifiable inspection program. Actively encourage the United States government to take the lead in preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  2. Saving lives by redirecting nuclear weapons funding and other military spending to humanitarian and environmental needs: Promote and advocate moving the money from the military budgets of all nations to prevent the deaths of millions of people—14 million people worldwide die each year from poverty-related causes and pollution from starvation and inadequate sanitation, to provide adequate health care and quality education for all and to address the growing crisis of global warming.

These goals are designed to inspire people to go forth and work for the elimination of nuclear weapons and the transfer of funds from military expenditures to humanitarian, social, educational and environmental needs in all nations. Through discussion groups, outreach, publicity and promotion of legislation, we call on people everywhere to wage peace on all fronts: social, political, religious, spiritual, humanitarian and environmental. We hope to inspire people and nations to practice the Golden Rule in everything they do.